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What will your future work week look like?

Shorter hours, a four-day week, or the ability to choose your own schedule in any given week; If you could choose, what would your ideal work week look like?

The workplace has changed irrevocably in recent years, with expected changes accelerated by the pandemic and cemented as the new reality during subsequent shutdowns. As we face a post-Covid world, we must ask ourselves: what will the future work week look like?

One thing is certain, we will never go back to 9-5 Monday to Friday; or at least that’s what 59% of workers polled by Gallup said.

Flexibility as standard

What can workers expect? First, employers need to understand that the majority of employees (67% to be exact) now expect hybrid working and start time flexibility as the norm. Employees feel they have already demonstrated their ability to exceed company goals and get more done in a shorter amount of time while working their own schedule.

This led to the big four-day week debate, with 87% of employees polled in a recent Citrix survey voting in favor of the idea. Companies that have already adopted the four-day week say it’s a big hit for productivity, morale, and creativity with no impact on the bottom line.

However, the feedback from employees is significantly different. In fact, 52% of employees who currently work a four-day week said that when they looked at their production over those four days and added the hours spent “checking in” to the rest of the week, their combined hours actually approached a six-day week. This compares to those who officially work a five-day week, who work significantly less overtime.

Always on

The “always on” culture has worsened over the past two years, with 86% of workers in the Citrix survey saying they work overtime every week but won’t cut it for fear of not knowing what impact, if any, remote work or a four-day week will have on their career progression.

Experts agree that when embracing the new way of working, employers and employees need to shift cultures at all levels and embrace a virtual-first mindset. Simple things like making sure everyone has a laptop during meetings so they don’t alienate those working remotely or making sure WFH rosters are evenly balanced between cross-departmental meetings to give everyone Airtime employees with the senior team have proven to make a difference to morale.

What if your current employer isn’t willing to embrace the new way of working – will you wait and shut up? Absolutely not, said 56% of workers who said they would have no qualms about looking for a new role and finding an employer that matches their work style.

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