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Warner Robins is hiring for a few vacancies

Warner Robins Mayor LaRhonda Patrick says there aren’t enough applicants with government accounting experience on their resumes.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — The City of Warner Robins has a few positions ready to be filled, including that of chief financial officer.

The city strove to fulfill this role even before Mayor LaRhonda Patrick took office.

The reason Patrick says it’s taking so long is because there aren’t enough applicants with government accounting experience on their resumes.

“We don’t really care if they’re CPAs. All of our research, correspondence and recommendations we have received from our current auditors also confirm that we do not need to have a CPA, but government experience in accounting and finance duties is of our utmost importance” , said Patrick.

The Central Georgia Regional Commission reviewed the applicants.

So far they have sent about 16 applications to Patrick’s office.

“We’re focusing on a CFO as opposed to a city administrator, because not having the city administrator right now doesn’t interrupt our operations, not having a CFO does,” Patrick said.

Warner Robins Mayor LaRhonda Patrick said it was essential they filled the position.

“They’ll be our go-to person when it comes to payroll, tax, budgeting issues, so having that person leading those kind of decisions, that kind of transparency that we’re going to ask for, you really have to have a strong candidate with that government experience,” Patrick said.

She says it’s also important to her because of last year’s tax issues that led to the IRS placing a lien on the city.

“It doesn’t happen often. There are a very limited number of examples where another municipality has received a privilege from the federal government. It has hurt us financially. It has hurt our reputation, but we are here now to restore that reputation and to make sure that we comply with all federal guidelines as it relates to federal government and state government,” Patrick said.

“Right now the mayor has placed it as the highest priority in the city,” Mack said.

Councilman Derek Mack says he is confident in the hiring process.

“It’s just a lack of communication. We need someone who’s going to be able to communicate with the subject, who knows exactly what they’re doing, so we can look ahead and make sure these kinds of things happen. “Mistakes don’t happen again in our city,” Mack said.

“I’m hopeful that we’ll have an idea of ​​our candidates, or at least our top picks, before the end of next month,” Patrick said.

Mayor Patrick says next week she has a meeting with Deputy Chief Financial Officer Holly Gross.

Once they have three qualified applicants, they will begin the interview process.

“We understand the importance of having a finance director, the importance of having a very strong finance department in general; and that’s why the board and I, and our finance committee, are emphasizing and the importance on finding a very strong candidate who has experience in government accounting,” said Patrick.

The Finance Manager application is still open for you to apply.

The salary is around $117,000.

Mayor Patrick says salary is negotiable.

As for the role of city administrator, they are still working on filling that position as well.

“For the Warner Robins city administrator, they’re more of a chief of staff. They’re above our departments. They deal with personnel matters. Everything else is for me. Just the way whose history has it, the town of Warner Robins did not receive a city administrator until two or three years ago; and our department directors moved, rocked, and rolled in regard to matters of staff for most of their tenure. And that just goes to show how strong our department heads are and how well we operate, even without having that person in place. So that person is a priority for the year, but the top priority and the first thing when it comes to making sure our city is strong and we have that transparency for our constituents is having a strong CFO,” Patrick said.

They are also looking to fill the position of Building and Transportation Manager.

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