Top 10 Recession-Proof Coding Jobs to Deliver 6-Figure Salaries by 2025

by IndustryTrends November 25, 2022


Protect yourself from the recession with these 10 best recession-proof coding jobs in 2025

With inflation at record highs and the Fed raising interest rates the likes of 1994, it seems increasingly likely that we are headed for a recession. Here are the 10 best recession-proof coding jobs with 6-figure salaries to be had by 2025.

Application Architect

As the name suggests, an Application Architect deals with monitoring applications, supervising and keeping track of how users interact. A computer science degree with some additional certifications and courses will help you land a job as an application architect. It is one of the highest paying jobs.

Machine Learning Scientist

A machine learning scientist is someone who would explore new methodologies, like computations and administration, to name a few. In some workplaces, a machine learning scientist is also referred to by their title – research scientist or research engineer. This programming work requires the candidate to do extensive research.

Data Analyst

It is probably one of the most sought after programming jobs of all time. A data analyst is expected to analyze big data and draw meaningful conclusions to be able to make more informed decisions. To become a successful data analyst, you must have sufficient knowledge of A/B testing and web analytics tracking.

Infrastructure architect

The role of an infrastructure architect is to oversee existing business systems to ensure they support new technology requirements. A degree in computer engineering or software development is considered a stepping stone to becoming a good infrastructure architect. The demand for this profession is strong. Therefore, organizations pay generously.

Data Architect

This is another programming job that is on the list of top 10 most hyped data science jobs to know about in 2022. Roles and responsibilities include creating new dataset frameworks, using performance and planning review to further develop the biological system of interconnected information. inside the organization. Simply put, the primary goal is to ensure that data is actually made available to users.

Data Scientist

Data science has a lot to do with programming. When talking about data science, the profession of data scientist has to be on the list. A data scientist is more of a technical role in which data preparation tasks need to be performed. The main goal is to identify useful trends and patterns in the data. It is also one of the most promising career opportunities and a well-paying job.


This is another interesting job in the field of data science where you have to collect, examine and decipher information in the best possible way. It is one of the most lucrative jobs in data science and also the fastest growing. A good knowledge of mathematics, computer science, economics, etc. will help you land a good job with a decent package.

Enterprise Architect

A business architect is associated with adjusting the procedure of the organization to the innovative solutions. He/she would help organizations achieve their goals by recognizing needs and planning accordingly.

Business intelligence analyst

This role requires the professional to have a mix of both skills – a specialist aptitude with business expertise and general management insights. As a Business Intelligence Analyst, you are expected to be familiar with major BI tools and applications. A candidate with an MBA and a background in analytics is considered suitable for this position.

machine learning engineer

A machine learning engineer must create data funnels and deliver programming solutions. Responsibilities are not limited to running tests and trials, but also reviewing the usefulness and running of the framework. There are a large number of certifications available online that can be relied upon to grab great job openings.

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