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Substitute teachers in Vigo County are guaranteed to work as much – or as little – as they want during the school year.

They are also in high demand. So on Tuesday, the Vigo County School Corporation invited interested people to attend a job fair at the VCSC administration building in West Terre Haute.

“One of the biggest advantages we have that draws people in is just the flexibility,” said Laura Clingler, onboarding manager at Kelly Education, who interviewed the candidates. “[Sometimes people’s] schedules do not allow them to have a fixed schedule for work.

There is a great need for substitute teachers in the county of Vigo

Tribune-Star/Joseph C. GarzaA Chance to Gain Valuable Experience: Indiana State University Junior and Education Major Kami Titus is interviewed by Kelly Education’s Laura Clingler at the 2010 2019 Fair. Substitute teacher employment Tuesday at the Vigo County School Corporation building in West Terre Haute.

She continued, “I always tell people you can work five days a week all school year. Homework is there for everyone to do, but we don’t need it.

“We appreciate the partnership with Kelly Services and encourage all potential replacements to contact Kelly to begin the training and application process,” said Teresa Stuckey, VCSC communications director. “Substitute teachers are an integral part of our daily operations. Their dedication to serving our students helps maintain academic progress and routine on occasion when the regular teacher cannot be present. We always need quality substitutes.

Across Indiana, there is a shortage of teachers and substitutes, which has recently been exacerbated. “The teacher shortage has gotten worse since COVID,” Clingler explained. “The subgroup and the group of teachers kind of left the workforce.”

By noon, Clingler had interviewed 13 candidates, four more had appointments scheduled, and she hoped others would also show interest. She had seen retired teachers but also people who had no formal education, such as foster parents or camp volunteers.

Kelly provides training for substitutes and schools provide them with kits telling them what is expected, so they don’t have to prepare lesson plans or activities.

One of the Chinglers interviewed was Kami Titus, a junior at Indiana State University majoring in elementary education, interested in teaching kindergarten through third grade. Titus is so ambitious about her goals that she will be a substitute teacher before she begins teaching her senior year students.

“I have the opportunity with my class schedule to allow myself to have three days off in the fall,” Titus said. “Vigo county has a minimum of 30 hours (academic hours) to start substitute teaching, so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to get into the classroom and get more experience before moving on. teach students.”

Titus aspired to be a teacher most of her life, starting in elementary school. “My aunt was a high school math teacher, and I was often in her class after school, and then I had a first-grade teacher that I loved, and those two experiences made me want to be a teacher,” she says.

Replacements earn $70 a day unless they work at least 16 days a month; then their pay is increased to $125 a day. Kelly also offers benefits and incentives for substitute teachers.

Clingler estimates Vigo County needs 100 to 200 substitutes each school day.

The VCSC also needs teaching assistants, bus drivers and guards. Those interested in applying can do so by visiting

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