The Point, January 18, 2023: Journey of a former Afghan pilot from Kabul to Jacksonville

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• WUFT News: After the Taliban takeover, a former Afghan Air Force pilot recounts his journey from Kabul to Jacksonville. “It has been a year since Hakimullah Hamim, an Afghan refugee, arrived in Jacksonville. Adjusting to a new home and a new job as a data analyst for Stillwater Insurance Group, the 30-something found a new life with his wife in North Florida. But he remembers the difficult journey it took to get there.

• WUFT News: How a fisherman manages to support himself through environmental protection. “Steve Friedman, 52, always thought he would spend his days in a cubicle surrounded by button-up shirts and staplers. Instead, he passes the time in a rashguard and polarized sunglasses on the waters of the Florida Keys.

• The Alligator: US Representative Kat Cammack co-sponsors the “Born Alive” abortion bill. “The bill proposes to ensure that medical professionals care for a child who survives an attempted abortion. Practitioners who fail to comply with the bill’s requirements could be subject to fines or up to five years in prison.

• WCJB: Former Gainesville Mayor Jim Painter dies at 71 after battle with cancer. “Shortly after the death of Craig Lowe, another former mayor of Gainesville passed away. Jim Painter, who served on the city commission from 1990 to 1996, died after a battle with cancer.

• The Alligator: UF lecturer film ‘Americanish’ acquired by Sony Pictures. “When Iman Zawahry entered the ‘Dirty Paki Lingerie’ solo show in New York in September 2013, little did she know she would also be embarking on a nine-year film project with the star of the piece.”

• Ocala Gazette: it stinks! Second part. “DR Horton, the developer who a number of Marion County homeowners say tricked them into buying new homes and land adjacent to a 1990s sewage plant, is facing similar complaints and lawsuits from Louisiana to Largo.”

• WMFE-Orlando: USDA predicts another tough year for Florida citrus growers. “This brings orange production to around 18 million boxes. That’s down 10% from the December forecast. And if that forecast holds, it will be around 56% less than last season’s final production. »

• Tampa Bay Times ($): Florida’s name, image and likeness law nears change Tuesday. “Florida schools may soon see a potential competitive disadvantage in name, image, and likeness (NIL) cleared after a legislative subcommittee hearing on Tuesday.”

• WFTS-Tampa Bay: Veterans in a suicidal crisis can now seek care from anywhere at no charge. “The VA says starting this week, veterans will have free access to inpatient crisis care for up to 30 days and outpatient care for up to 90 days at VA and non-VA facilities.”

• Florida politics: Governor DeSantis backs permanent “free speech” protections for docs, anti-vax warrants. “Governor. Ron DeSantis is calling for sweeping new COVID-19 legislation that would permanently ban vaccines and masks, while preventing anyone from taking action against doctors who disagree with” the preferred narrative of the medical community”.

• News4Jax: New FDA rule to reduce illness and death from food poisoning. “Now the Food and Drug Administration is trying to reduce the number of illnesses with its food traceability rule, which covers food throughout the supply chain.”

• Policy in Florida: New Court of Appeals in place and operational, but faces challenges with hiring and facilities. “Florida’s new 6th District Court of Appeals is up and running two weeks after it went live thanks to legislation passed by lawmakers last year, but the new bench lacks a proper courthouse to hold hearings. pleadings and neighboring districts are struggling to recruit lawyers. .”

• WGCU-Fort Myers: FWC is trying to turn invasive water hyacinth into organic fertilizer. “Right now there’s a metal box-shaped contraption sliding along the surface of Lake Okeechobee. It’s called a boat, but it looks like an aluminum shovel that doesn’t seem to have to It moves with paddle wheels and sports a pitchfork.

• National: A losing Republican candidate in New Mexico is charged with shootings at the home of Democrats

• World: Greta Thunberg was arrested by German police while protesting against the expansion of a coal mine

• World: The American Siamak Namazi is on hunger strike in an Iranian prison. Why now and for what?

• Technology: This 22-year-old is trying to save us from ChatGPT before he changes the spelling forever

• Health: Social isolation linked to increased risk of dementia, new study finds

• Science: Is music an exclusively human thing? New study says no

• Art: a French museum discovers a painting missing from Madonna’s personal collection

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