the 10 jobs most likely to be replaced by AI

  • ChatGPT is only a few months old and is already causing waves in the business world.
  • Experts say ChatGPT and associated AI could threaten some jobs, especially white-collar workers.
  • Insider has compiled a list of 10 jobs that this technology could replace, according to experts.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT and other forms of generative AI could come and take our jobs.

Since its release in November last year, the impressive AI chatbot has been used to write cover letters, create a children’s book and even help students cheat on their essays.

The chatbot may be more powerful than we ever imagined. Google found that, in theory, the search engine would hire the bot as an entry-level coder if it were interviewed at the company. Amazon employees who tested ChatGPT said the chatbot does a “really good job” of answering customer support questions, is “excellent” at creating training materials, and is “very good” at answering questions about business strategy.

ChatGPT, however, is not perfect. ChatGPT users have found that the bot can generate misinformation, incorrectly respond to coding issues, and produce errors in basic math.

“AI will never be as good as the best experts in a field,” said a Wharton Business School professor.

But despite its flaws, the rise of ChatGPT has sparked debates over whether it will replace Jobs.

The conversation about whether AI will automate tasks is nothing new. A 2013 study from the University of Oxford found that 47% of American jobs could be eliminated by AI over the next 20 years. While that prediction seems to have been off the mark, the idea that emerging AI technologies like ChatGPT could encroach on people’s jobs – especially white-collar workers – is becoming an even more tangible reality, Mark Muro, principal investigator at Brookings Institute which has studied the impact of AI on the American workforce, Insider said.

“It really captured people’s imaginations and made tangible how this could unfold,” Muro said.

While Muro doesn’t think AI will replace millions of jobs anytime soon, he said white-collar workers “seem to be more exposed to these technologies” than blue-collar workers and may be required to use AI to do their job. in the near future.

Anu Madgavkar, a partner at the McKinsey Global Institute, an economic research center, agrees. Human judgment still needs to be applied to these technologies to avoid errors and biases, she told Insider.

“We have to think of these things as productivity-enhancing tools, as opposed to complete replacements,” Madgavkar said.

Still, Muro expects AI to become cheaper and more advanced in the future, potentially disrupting white-collar work as we know it.

Insider spoke to experts and conducted research to compile a list of jobs most at risk of being replaced by AI.

Here are the 10 jobs that AI could replace, according to our research.

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