His point of view: The housing crisis is hurting my town of Alaska | Notice

In Girdwood, Alaska, we will long remember the snow storm of December 6, just two months ago. But it won’t be for school cancellations. We will remember it as at night, dozens of residents drove down a snowy highway to testify at a public meeting – about housing.

Residents across the West will understand why so many came out that snowy night. A proposed development, called Holtan Hills, would expand our city’s footprint but include almost nothing affordable for teachers, firefighters, servers or others who are the lifeblood of our community and drive its economy. .

With no railings to support local homeownership, secondary real estate investors would likely gobble up the project’s predominantly high-end units. This is already happening, with most avoiding the long-term rental needs of a few thousand people in this south-central Alaska community. New owners often offer nightly rentals or simply leave their homes unoccupied.

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