You are currently viewing Are you starting a career in accounting and finance?  These jobs are available

Are you starting a career in accounting and finance? These jobs are available

There are a variety of accounting and finance roles available in T&T at

People with the right mix of skills, qualifications and experience will be able to compete for the jobs.

Positions available include Accountants, CFOs, Accounting Managers and more.

Applicants should carefully review job descriptions before investing their time in submitting applications.

Here are 10 great accounting and finance jobs in T&T on

EY Caribbean

Market Finance Associate

Finance – Mercury Business Advisor


The Vehicle Management Company of Trinidad and Tobago

Account Clerk General Ledger

Huawei Technologies (T&T) Ltd.

Tax and general accounting specialist

ANSA McAL Group of Companies

Chief Financial Officer, Standard Distributors Limited

UNICOMER (Trinidad) Ltd

Internal Control Manager

National Insurance Board (NIB)

Executive Director Finance and Administration

AS Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) Limited & Bryden pi Limited

Management accountant

Delta Windows and Doors

Accounting manager Tips ( Contributor Garth Francis MBA)

In 2022, many interviews will take place virtually. Job seekers can increase their chances of landing their desired job by approaching the virtual interview as efficiently as possible. Some questions should be considered when preparing for the virtual interview.

– Do you have the right equipment? You need to have the right tools that will allow you to connect with the interviewer. Make sure you have a suitable laptop, PC or tablet with a working camera and working sound.

– Is your internet service reliable? Make sure you don’t have any connectivity issues that could prevent you from communicating effectively during the online interview.

-Do you have the necessary software that will allow you to connect to the platform that the interviewer wishes to use?

-Can you establish a safe place with no distractions and a neutral background? Be sure to choose a location that you feel comfortable in so that you can fully concentrate on the interview.

-Are you able to practice in your chosen settings with your hardware and software before the interview? Let a friend or colleague communicate with you virtually to confirm that everything is working fine.

-What should you wear? It’s always best to dress in business attire even if you’re taking part in a virtual interview.

-Is your body language appropriate? Make sure you have good posture and try to maintain “eye contact” during the interview.

Imagine yourself in a situation where your audio is not working or people are bursting into the room talking loudly during the virtual interview.

Now imagine a scenario where you confidently interact with the interviewer in a comfortable location while using communication tools effectively.

Effective preparation is the key to a successful virtual interview.

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