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Analyst has wild theory about Tom Brady’s absence from Bucs


Tom Brady’s absence from the Buccaneers remains a mystery.

Amid growing uncertainty over Tom Brady’s future with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL fantasy football analyst Kendall Valenzuela has a theory.

“He’s not with the Bucs, they can’t say why. The team said they knew this was coming. I think Tom Brady right now can’t tell anyone where he is and the team can’t because… he’s a contestant on ‘The Masked Singer’,” Valenzuela says in his video.

Valenzuela pointed out that the celebrity-focused musical performance show has included NFL personalities over the years. That includes Brady’s longtime teammate and friend Rob Gronkowski, as well as former teammate Antonio Brown.

“That’s the kicker for me,” Valenzuela said of Gronkowski’s past appearance on the show.

Fox analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw also appeared on the show, Valenzuela noted. She also linked the fact that “The Masked Singer” hails from Fox, the station Brady signed a massive deal with earlier this year to air NFL games after his playing career.

“Of course Tom Brady doesn’t work for Fox, but he signed this mega deal with Fox in May of this year,” Valenzuela added. “So it could be something, or it could be absolutely nothing.”

“Maybe there is something else going on, but I found it strange that they couldn’t tell where he is, what he’s doing. Obviously, let’s hope that the health is complete and that nothing else happens, ”concluded Valenzuela.

“The Masked Singer” takes about a month to record according to Vox’s Emily St. James. The next series of “The Masked Singer” will air on September 21.

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Suspicions surrounding Brady’s silence

Brady has notably been quiet on social media throughout his absence thus far, but that could be for a number of reasons. His silence and mixed messages from the Bucs are only arousing the curiosity of fans, noted NFL analyst Mike Florio.

“When someone fully and completely embraces a public life, there really are no personal issues,” Florio wrote. Brady, who has fully embraced and cultivated a platform that has resulted in the aggressive pursuit of multiple business interests, saw his football career plunged into mystery with an unprecedented training camp hiatus.

The latest mixed message from Bucs

Comments from Bucs head coach Todd Bowles after practice on Thursday, Aug. 18 only left more questions than answers, Florio noted.

“We’ll see. We’ll talk about it next week,” Bowles told the media Thursday. “I’m not concerned about it right now. We’re trying to practice against Tennessee and play a game. time after Tennessee. There’s no definite date for me. We’ll check, we’ll keep in touch and we’ll find out.

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Bowles and Bucs general manager Jason Licht both said Aug. 11 that Brady will be running out of time for “personal” reasons until after the second preseason game on Saturday, Aug. 20. Bowles and Licht also maintained the pre-planned nature of Brady’s absence and expressed their unconcern about Brady’s absence.

Bucs linebacker Devin White had a different message with the statement “he has ongoing personal issues” during an Aug. 11 press conference. Since then, Bucs players have not spoken about Brady in subsequent press conferences.

Whether or not Brady is addressing personal issues or preparing for a TV series, Bowles not providing a return date for Brady leads to more speculation, as Florio noted.


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