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Amendment to the JCSD OKs project | News, Sports, Jobs

MIFFLINTOWN — The Juniata County School District School Board has approved an amendment to a construction project at Juniata High School.

At a Thursday night school board meeting in Mifflintown, the board approved SiteLogIQ Amendment No. 11, dated Aug. 18. This amendment is related to the construction of a secure vestibule entrance at Juniata High School.

As previously reported in The Sentinel, after bids came in, the cost of the project rose to $1,663,520. This is a change of $506,983.43 from the original estimated cost – $356,983 to be covered by the district, of which $150,000 will be paid by SiteLogIQ and its contractors.

One grant will pay $1.2 million of the project cost.

Construction is expected to begin today at the school, according to previous reports.

Also during the meeting, it was stated that there would be no charge for JCSD students to participate in an East Juniata or Juniata home athletic event during the 2022-2023 school year with a play ID issued by the school. Family passes will be priced at $250 for East Juniata or Juniata home events, not including the playoffs.

Family passes are on sale and can be purchased at the high school office between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Current ticket prices were approved at the June board meeting — $5 for adults and $3 for students.

Also during the meeting, the board approved:

• Minutes of the meetings of June 16, July 27 and August 10.

• Contract with Southwood Psychiatric Hospital to provide academic tutoring services for students who are patients of the hospital.

• Memorandum of Understanding with the Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11 Partial Hospitalization Program.

• Educational Services Agreement with Pyramid Healthcare Inc./Soaring Heights School.

• Complete plan of the JCSD.

• Contract with Parks Garbage Service Inc. for waste collection.

• List of financial reports and invoices to be paid.

• List of persons exempt from payment of per capita taxes.

• Memorandum of Understanding with Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12 Title III Consortium.

• Electronic signature resolution authorizing Christie L. Holderman to sign contracts, agreements, grants, and/or licenses with the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

• List of drivers under contract for the 2022-2023 school year.

• Memorandum of Understanding with Juniata County Child and Youth Services regarding transportation of youth in foster care.

• List of field trips for students in the district. This list can be found on the district’s website under Current Council Agendas, Minutes and Policies.

• Memorandum of Understanding with The ReDCo Group to implement a school mental health program.

• JCSD ARP ESSER Health and Safety Plan.

• Juniata County Virtual Academy and Elementary and Secondary Student Handbooks.

• Retreats including Gina L. Eargle, part-time janitor at Juniata High School, starting August 23; and Randy C. Leister, part-time janitor at JHS, beginning Aug. 29.

• Resignations, including that of Adrianna Kerchner, paraprofessional from East Juniata Elementary School, effective July 20; Harry F. Pearce, teacher at Juniata Elementary School, beginning July 29; Ashley A. Trego, JES paraprofessional, beginning August 3; Joshua C. Varner, science teacher at East Juniata High School, beginning Aug. 3; Heather N. Reichenbach, EJES paraprofessional, effective August 11; Lisa D. D’Urso, EJHS special educator, beginning August 12; Harley J. Straub, EJHS school counselor, effective Aug. 12; Donna Engelberger, professor of mathematics at the EJHS, starting August 12; Joshua D. Wagner, EJES teacher, starting August 15; Brian P. Burn, EJHS special education teacher, beginning Aug. 17; Andrew C. Ciecierski, professor of business/computer science at EJHS, starting August 22; and Donna J. Imes, part-time custodian at Tuscarora Junior High School, beginning Aug. 29.

• Termination of employment of employee 3204, effective July 1, and employee 2201, effective August 19.

• Transfers, including Lisa Bender, who will move from a part-time janitorial position at TJHS to a part-time janitorial position at Juniata Elementary School, beginning August 22; Timothy Yohn, who will move from a part-time JHS/TJHS caretaker position to the TJHS position vacated by Bender; Courtney N. Whitesel, who will transition from teaching special education at EJHS to teaching family and consumer sciences, beginning Aug. 22; Grace C. Brosius, who will transition from a Title 1 Reading Specialist position at JES to a JES Kindergarten teacher position, beginning August 22; Debra J. Henry, who will transition from a Level 2 Paraprofessional position at EJES to a Paraprofessional Level 2 position at JES, effective August 29; Ashley Hack, who will transition from a JES kindergarten teacher to a JES third grade teacher; Steven J. McLaughling, who will transition from an EJHS Professional Agriculture Teacher position to an EJHS Science Teacher position previously held by Joshua Varner; and Jenna R. Walters, who will transition from an EJES kindergarten teacher position to the EJES third-grade teacher position vacated by Joshua Wagner.

• Employment of Rachael A. Loy as EJES school counselor, as of August 17; Ashlie M. Anderson, EJHS special educator, beginning August 17; Justin L. Frontz, EJES sixth-grade teacher, starting August 17; Jillian S. Ritzman, EJHS special educator, beginning August 17; Jennifer L. Hostler, JHS/TJHS special education teacher, effective Aug. 22; Angela I. Ocker, EJES kindergarten teacher, starting August 17; Brandon J. Sheeler, EJHS Business/Computer Science Professor, beginning Aug. 17; Heather D. Hart, JES Reading Specialist, beginning August 17; Julie M. Goshorn, TJHS Learning Support Teacher, beginning August 17; and Lia Mort, EJHS Professional Agriculture Professor, beginning Aug. 22.

• Employment of Megan K. Gantz, EJES IAA/secretary, as of August 22; Nyana R. Rice, Level 1 paraprofessional at JES, beginning August 29; Bobbi J. Reichenbach, EJES Paraprofessional Level 1, starting August 29; Desiree L. Rhea, Level 1 paraprofessional at TJHS, beginning August 29; Clinton E. Staley, part-time TJHS caretaker, beginning Aug. 22; Maddie Hummel, EJES Level 2 paraprofessional, starting August 29; Riley Czech, EJES Level 1 paraprofessional, starting August 29; and Monica G. Murray, EJES Level 1 paraprofessional, beginning August 29.

• Employment of substitutes Laine C. Guiser, long-term substitute teacher at the EJES, as of August 17; Jessica M. St. John as alternate caretaker; and Gina L. Eargle as alternate caretaker.

• Additional positions including JES SAP team, Missy Shepps, Amanda Shelley, Jillian Wright, Tammy Smith and Hunter Hart; The EJES SAP team, Rachael Loy, Stephanie Bonnell, Bobbie Kerstetter, Kim Stuck and Leann Crimmel; The TJHS SAP Team, Joelle Starr, Lilly Brown, Beverly Abram, Robert St. Clair and Jessie Reed; The JHS SAP team, Sharon Storey, Angela Sieber, Rachel Hayers, Kurt Condo and Emily Wagner; and the SAP EJHS team, Kim Stuck, Elizabeth Sperlich, Jana Snyder, and Simon Cameron.

• Mentors, including April Montgomery for Jessica Fisher; Brian Strawser for Ben Lauver; Leann Crimmel for Susan Paden; Kristine Yetter for Rachael Loy; Marcus Brothers for Ashlie Anderson; Kristine Yetter for Deborah Nace; Jenna Wagner for Jillian Ritzman; Renée Elsasser for Angela Ocker; Mark Ritzman for Brandon Sheller; Kelly Beward for Julie Goshorn; and Maryann Roush for Laine Guiser.

• Conference request for Christie Holderman, Melissa Shepps and Travis Quici to attend Safe Crisis Management, October 17-18 at State College.

• Two employee leave requests.

• Revised District Policies 335, 435, 535, Family and Medical Leave, and 339, 439 and 539, Leave Without Compensation.

• Contract with Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit to supply SCView case management software.

• Authorize administration to fill vacancies that must be filled by September 15, with names to be approved at the September meeting.

• Fall Game Staff, Bobbi Baer, ​​Joel Snyder, Jana Snyder, Rodney Feltman, Kelly Robinson, Brian Robinson, Courtney Whitesel, Kim Stuck, Beau Stuck, Wendy Quici, Missy Dietz, Neal Wold, Shannon Coudriet, Marcy Benner, Becky Ehrenzeller, Bev Abram, Sharon Storey, Steven Heimbach, Val Schlegel, Brooke Vinyard, Jerry Auker, Denise Primak, Beth Ann Alleman, Jarred Dressler, Moriah Brothers, Josh Haines, Kim Bennett, Karly Dressler and Jessica Fisher.

• Extracurricular positions at JHS: Dylan Smith, volunteer football coach; Ty Treaster, college baseball coach; Sharon Storey, freshman class counselor, SADD counselor; Rachel Hayers, junior class counselor; Angela Sieber, senior class counselor; Johnna Towsey, advisor to the National Honor Society; Bradley Eagle, Senior Music Director, Band/Concert Director; Angela Bryner, student council adviser; Beth Alleman, Student Council Advisor, Key Club Advisor; Riley Shertzer, student council adviser; Chelsea Boyer, HOSA Advisor; Lauren Zearfaus, Silk Advisor; Erica Brunner, counselor majorette; Rachel Shepler, lead art director of the game; Stephanie Everett, TSA counselor; Steve Whistler, SKILLS Advisor; Jessica Morgan, FFA Advisor; Matthew Trotman, Newspaper Club Advisor; and Dawn Croissette, game director for the junior class.

• Extracurricular position at EJHS, Christine Hart, junior varsity field hockey coach.

• Revised Policy 913, Non-School Organizations/Groups/Individuals.

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