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Aldi supermarket creates 1,000 new jobs with wages of up to £20 an hour | Personal finance | Finance

The discount chain is expanding its distribution, transport and maintenance workforce in its 11 regional distribution centers. The recruitment drive is rolling out over the next 12 months, with a range of full-time and part-time positions on offer.

Business leaders hope to create 2,000 permanent positions across the UK this year.

Kelly Stokes, recruitment director at Aldi UK, said: “As we continue to grow and make Aldi accessible to even more shoppers, we need more amazing colleagues at our distribution sites across the country to make this possible.

“As well as some of the best pay and benefits in the market, being an Aldi colleague means a great working environment and real opportunities to grow within the company.

“We look forward to welcoming even more great people to our fulfillment centers to be part of our success.”

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A woman recently told how she saved £20-30 a week on groceries by switching to Aldi.

Hilary Coats, 56, looked at several ways to cut costs by taking up the BT Smarter Living Challenge.

She also reduced the amount of meat she ate in meals to save money on food.

She told “Now is the perfect time to tell people, ‘Nothing has to be a major change; you can start making a few small changes, and it will make a difference.

“It probably won’t make enough of a difference to cover the cost increases we have, but if it brings it down a bit then it’s better than nothing.”

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Grocery prices soared 9.9% in the four weeks to July 10, research firm Kantar found.

The figure is a sharp increase from 8.3% the previous month.

The everyday products that have risen in price the most are dog food, butter and milk.

Fraser McKevitt, head of retail and consumer insights at Kantar, predicted that the global grocery inflation record will be surpassed next month.

He said: “All of this means people will feel the pinch in our first unrestricted summer since 2019.

“Taking a barbecue as an example, buying burgers, halloumi and coleslaw for some outdoor dining would cost you 13%, 17% and 14% more than this time last year.”

Oils, sauces and spreads are among the items that have skyrocketed in price, affecting soaring energy costs.

Sales of ice cream in supermarkets also increased by 14% and sunscreen products increased by 66% during the month.

Kantar analysts said the amount of chicken sold was down 9.7%, with declines of 13.7% for beef, 10.6% for pork, 23.7% for lamb and 11.6% for fish.

Experts say families are reducing their consumption of red meat and fish as rising costs affect household budgets.

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