7 jobs Tom Brady would crush if he moved to Maine

Even though we all knew that day would eventually come, the news of Tom Brady’s retirement still came as a shock to many people. Of course, the announcement of the retirement last year also came as a shock. And so did his announcement in 2020 that he would be leaving the Patriots.

Apparently, Tom Brady loves to shock us.

Of course, if you follow the sport (or if you just follow the life of Tom Brady), you probably know that in the spring of 2022, he signed a MASSIVE ten-year, $375 million contract with Fox Sports. The idea being that once he retired from the NFL (for good), he would start working as a sportscaster.

But what if he took a different path after retirement?

Instead of staying in the spotlight as a sports broadcaster. What if he decides to move to Maine and live a simpler life?

We’d like to see GOAT bail on his Fox Sports plans and move to Maine instead. And, we think he would be great at those jobs.


Obviously, Brady loves spending time on the water. We’ve ALL seen the videos of that Bucs boat parade! And, he will definitely practice pulling those pots full of lobsters. He is also financially secure, so he will have no problem paying his license fees and maintaining his boat.

Sean GallupGetty Images

Sean GallupGetty Images

Acadia National Park / Baxter State Park Ranger

Again, he’s athletic, so he’d have no problem with all the walking and hiking involved in the job. He is also very charismatic and a good talker, so he would be great to deal with the millions of visitors, including many from other countries, who visit our parks each year.


Like many places, our state needs more good teachers. Don’t get me wrong, almost all of our teachers are great people who go above and beyond to educate our children. But, we could always use more teachers. Even though he only worked as a substitute teacher. Can you imagine how shocked you would be if you walked into math class and instead of seeing Mr. Perry, you saw TB12 sitting at his desk? Yeah, that would be cool!

Marcel Cidrack / Unsplash

Marcel Cidrack / Unsplash

potato grower

Despite the fact that Idaho values ​​its potatoes a lot, everyone knows that the best potatoes in the world come from Aroostook County. We could definitely see Tom Brady driving a John Deer tractor, blasting Jason Aldean’s “Fly Over States.”

Julia Koblitz / Unsplash

Julia Koblitz / Unsplash

Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Besides training A LOT, Tom Brady is also known to be very conscious of what he eats. And, he wouldn’t want to train with a pro-athlete? He probably wouldn’t have many customers if he moved to northern Maine, but there must be plenty of potential customers in the Portland area.

Financial planner

We think he would make an excellent financial planner for a number of reasons. First of all, he has a trustworthy face. And, in addition, he has experience. Well, sort of… He spent a few summers as an intern for Merrill Lynch

Contractor / House Pinball

He definitely has the build to be in the construction industry. And, after pushing himself for more than twenty seasons in the NFL, he would likely appreciate the more leisurely pace of the house flip. Sure, you want to do the work so you can sell the house, but there’s no crazy timeline either.

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What do you think? What professions would you add? Let us know your thoughts by sending us a message through our radio station app.

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