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6 tools to make work more bearable

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By Kirstie McDermott

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Work can be… well, a lot, can’t it? Whether it’s calendars full of back-to-back meetings or multiple projects running concurrently (which you juggle frantically), not to mention trying to save time to get the real work done, it’s no wonder so many people feel like they’re running to call during their 9-5.

Below we have found some tools that might help you.

For meetings

No one wants to be the designated person to take notes. What pain! Fortunately, if your meeting is virtual, Sembly can help. Integrate it with Zoom, Google Meet, Teams and Webex and it will record the meeting and then deliver the notes afterwards. Results!

If agendas are your problem, Hypercontext comes in handy: the site contains: 91 free agenda templates that you can download as PDF, Excel or Word documents.

For projects

Teamwork might not be as easy as it used to be, but cloud-based sharing tools that help organize files and documents like Dropbox, Office 365, and Google Workspace allow teams to work together seamlessly.

Notion is project management and note-taking software designed to help teams effectively coordinate deadlines, goals, and assignments to increase productivity.

Our favorite is Trello, a collaboration tool that organizes projects, tasks, and whatever else you’re working on into boards that you can share and assign to specific people. Set dates and deadlines, and get the job done.

To distract oneself

Gossip about water coolers distracts us in the office, sure, but so do our own phones and quick off-road visits to non-work related websites. There are ways to help.

Freedom is an app that blocks websites and apps that distract you the most. Choose what you want to block, select for how long and on which devices, and go.

For added calm, check out Serene, a distraction blocking and productivity tool. Feed it the websites and apps that distract you the most, and it will help you plan your day based on the tasks you need to complete and how long you think they will take. This kills all your distractions for a set time and optional focus music will also play.

While you can test out your new productivity hacks in your current job, you might really impress a new manager instead. We have three roles to review below, and many more to check out on the AltFi Job Board as well.

Software Engineer, Hazy

Hazy is the most advanced and experienced synthetic data company in the world. He is looking for senior software engineers to join the engineering team. You’ll be working on really cutting-edge projects, designing and building features and systems, collaborating and working with team members. You will bring your work throughout the software development lifecycle, including code review, testing and performance analysis, and program well-designed, testable and efficient code. You will need to have a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science or engineering, have at least three to four years of experience as a software engineer or developer, and be willing to learn new languages ​​and technologies as needed.

Learn more about the Senior Software Engineer role or discover other roles at Hazy.

Infrastructure Engineer, 10x Bank

10x Banking provides banks with a cloud-native core banking platform, and its goal is to transform the banking industry. The company is looking for a fully remote Infrastructure Engineer who is passionate about working with cutting-edge technologies and can bring deep technical knowledge and experience. You will have strong experience using HashiCorp Terraform to deploy infrastructure as code (IaC) in an AWS cloud environment through an infrastructure CI/CD pipeline, experience with automation tools such as Ansible and Packer and a systematic approach to problem solving. , coupled with strong communication skills and a sense of belonging and drive. A thorough knowledge of interpreted programming languages, operating system principles and networking best practices is also required.

More information on the Infrastructure Engineer is available, along with other opportunities at 10x Banking.

Senior Data Analyst, Tandem Bank

Tandem, the UK’s fairest and greenest digital bank offering sustainable ways to borrow and save, is looking for an ambitious and driven Senior Data Analyst to join its team. You will work closely with stakeholders to understand their needs and extend the analyzes needed to inform their decisions, present analytical projects and offer recommendations. To apply you will need a degree in numeracy (mathematics, computer science, physics or engineering etc) or equivalent, proficiency in coding in some form of SQL (preferably MS SQL), an analytical/mathematical language (from preference DAX and Python) and the capacity of self-learning, because the tools of Tandem evolve. In addition, a knowledge of two years or more of consumer credit, banking or similar is required.

Read the full Senior Data Analyst job description or browse other jobs at Tandem Bank.

For more inspiring roles in the tech space each week, check out the AltFi Job Board

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